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For assistance with KidSafePlus, contact by email, or call 256-924-8652

Refund Policy

Refunds, if provided, must be handled by Madison Youth Football and Cheer directly (they are not handled through SportsSignup).

Registration Refunds:
Cheer uniforms, game jerseys and other equipment are ordered during the registration window and cannot be returned. Refunds MAY or MAY NOT be issued only after submitting a written request to the Madison YFC President and ANY/ALL Types of Refunds are subject to Board approval. Madison YFC recognizes that circumstances arise that prevent an athlete’s participation through no fault of his / her own. The lack of desire to participate IS NOT grounds for reimbursement. Madison YFC permits reimbursement on a case - by - case basis. The registration processing fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. REFUNDABLE MANDATORY VOLUNTEER PARTICIPATION FEE: Volunteers are important to Madison Youth Football and Cheer! Your participation matters and is crucial to our goal to provide the best equipment, facilities and experience we can for our young athletes. We require each family to volunteer FOUR (4) hours of your time to help at the concession stand and / or run the entrance gates to collect admission money at each home game OR pay an “OPT-Out” fee of $40.00 to cover the cost for Madison YFC to replace your volunteer service. This requirement is for a total of FOUR (4) hours PER FAMILY regardless of the number of athlete participants per family. A $40.00, fully REFUNDABLE, mandatory volunteer participation fee is collected at the time of registration. This fee is REFUNDABLE at the conclusion of the end of the season once the volunteer hours are completed and verified, and all football equipment is returned. If a family of a participating athlete opts out of the mandatory volunteer participation policy, then the $40.00 fee is FORFEITED. Scheduling for volunteers will be done during pre-season training. Official Coaches, Team Parents, and Board Members meet the four (4) hour requirement by serving in their official capacity. Each team is authorized four (4) Coaches and one (1) Team Parent for a total of five (5) official positions. Cheer is authorized two (2) Coaches and one (1) Team Parent for a total of three (3) official positions.

Store Refunds:

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